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EiPlan - DeviceKit

For KNX beginners, the parameterization of the KNX devices is often a hurdle. Therefore, Nautibus has assembled sets of pre-set devices. Device kits contain XML files with all necessary parameter settings. The standard actuators (switching, dimming, heating, blinds) as well as touch sensors room temperature regulators and window contacts are available. The device kit can be downloaded free of charge from the Nautibus website and copied to the EiPlan device directory. You can then create projects without having to enter the details of the device parameters as users. A kit with MDT devices is available. Kits for other manufacturers are available on request.

The advantages of the DeviceKit

  • You can start immediately with your project.
  • The required devices are already preset.
  • You save time.
  • You can add additional devices at any time with the EiPlan device assistant.
  • You can set up all devices that exist in the ETS database.
  • With the ETS, you can change parameters at any time, even on the devices from the DeviceKit.

Samples in external files

EiPlan stores sample devices outside of the project in XML files, thus re-using pre-set devices in new projects. There is a collection of such files in the DeviceKit.

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A module from Weinzierl Engineering is used as a power supply. In addition to the power supply, it also contains an IP router.

We recommend for each floor a distribution cabinet with an EIB line and a power supply. The distributors are connected via the IP network.

A weather station provides weather data and time for the system. The ABB device consists of a DIN rail module in the distributor and a sensor on the roof.

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Generic touch sensors

Generic patterns for touch sensors with different rockers are coded in the name.

TS4MMLL is a touch sensor with 4 rockers.

The first two are set for blind control.

Rockers 3 and 4 are divided into 2 single switches each with light scene function.

So you have 2 jalousie rockers and 4 buttons for light scenes.

For the control of a floor heating system, 2 variants are possible - you have the choice:

Room temperature control on the wall

RT1D is a room temperature controller with a rocker for dimming a lamp. It contains the temperature controller with display and setting. The heating actuator HA4 only controls the actuator. Visualization is not required but possible.

Room temperature controller in the actuator

RT3DSS is touch sensor with temperature measurement. It has a rocker for dimming and a button for switching a second lamp. Another button is used to switch from comfort to standby temperature. The actual temperature controller sits in this solution in the heating actuator HA8. A visualization is required to set the room temperature (see EiVisu). By saving space thermostats, this is a very cost-effective solution.

Sample variants

Several sample variants of the same type are possible. Example of a 4-way dimming actuator from different manufacturers: DA4_Gira and DA4_MDT.

Window contacts

Magnetic contacts on the windows and doors monitor the opening. Two contacts can be connected to the FK2 interface. The output frost protection switches the heating off as long as the window is open. Logic In and Logic Out can be used to concatenate them into a sum signal.



EiPlan5 from version 4. 0. 0. 4.

Install the manufacturer databases for MDT, Weinzierl Engineering, and ABB.


Buy EiPlan5 at KNX Online-Shop.

First install the app and then the license in the ETS (see ETS Help). For the EiPlan5 app, set the language and project directory before you begin.

Download the free DeviceKit from this page.

Unpack the DeviceKit. zip file.

Copy all files to your EiPlan device directory.

Normally the C: / ETSProjects / Devices.

Start the ETS and EiPlan and start your project.


Manual PDF Download
DeviceKit MDT ZIP Download