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ETS - App EI_Import

Create ETS projects from Excel spreadsheets


electric installation import

EI_Import generates a ETS5 project from a csv list of actuators and circuits. The list can easily be created using Excel or a text editor.
The project produced contains all the necessary group addresses, the building structure and the actuators. It can be further processed with the ETS5 or EIplan5.

A circuit with group addresses for all needed functions generated from each row in the table. These Vedas then connected to a channel on a suitable actuator.

Also touch sensors and room thermostat can be set in a table row.
The EI_Import app provides a predefined group addressing scheme (3 parts) and creates a standard Gebäutestruktur from the table.

For lighting, sockets, blinds and room temperature control of EI_Import automatically created group addresses with meaningful names like "Wohnzimmer_Deckenlampe".

For each device type, a preferred KNX device selected from the ETS catalog werden.Diese sample devices can be configured now. If other devices of this type are needed, thus creating EI_Import automatically and copied the preset parameters.

The table can be created outside of the ETS with Excel or directly in EI_Import.

EI_Import makes the creation of ETS projects without plan as easy and efficient as never before.

For details, refer to the manual and the sample output - See download.

New from version 2:

The preseted sample devices are now compatible with EiPlan and can generated with EI_Import.
Also Visu-files of EiPlan and EiPlan-outside can now be imported. When importing preset sample devices from EiPlan and virtual sample devices from Eiplan-outside it can be asigned to KNX manufacturer's devices.

Support via the KNX Online Shop - or our support email address

price list

EIn Import is an unrestricted full version for ETS5 Price: 135.-

Note: Sales only through the KNX Online Shop !


Neu: Youtube Video    watch-v=4cPWRcVoI44

Manual v2.0 - English EI_Import_en.pdf
What's new in EI_Import EIimport_Releas_notes_en.pdf
Example ETS project Bilder/TestImport-en.knxproj
Example Excel table Bilder/TestImport-en.csv
General software license conditions PDF Download