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EiDoc - project documentation for ETS

EiDoc is an ETS App. This is an additional program that is installed in the ETS.

The ETS5 is thus extended to a automatic documentation generator, which can print a detailed project documentation.

With the re-working wizard all existing ETS projects can be completed.

New: EiDoc is now so all ETS projects available

generate and print documents

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EiDoc makes documenting ETS projects as easy and efficient as never before.

The documentation includes:

  • A list of the Central Group with data type and source
  • Floorplans with Planning the electrical installation
  • Floorplans with dimensioned lamps and sockets
  • Lists of circuits with main group and functional groups
  • Sort by rooms
  • List of cables with lengths and terminal numbers
  • List of fuses
  • List of KNX devices by rooms and BOMs for floors
  • Lists of installation material with BOM
  • Sockets and switches are split into their component parts.
  • Database configurable switch programs.
  • Distribution plans as assembly drawings
  • Distribution BOMs with KNX devices, fuses and terminals
  • Distribution diagrams generated automatically

With EiPLAN and EiDoc the ETS 5 is a complete and largely automatic planning tool for electrical installation, which can save you a lot of routine work. The special feature of this solution is that all entries are made in the ETS and all data in the ETS project are stored. You do not need external programs or CAD systems and no file export or import. All input options the ETS remain fully usable and your project is always up to date.

What's new in EiDoc5

An often-voiced our customers come true:

We must add to existing projects the documentation!

This is now easily possible. Even if the ETS project still has no building structure.

EiDoc is suitable for all ETS projects

During the subsequent renewal version of EiDoc was limited to EiPLAN projects EiDoc is now suitable for all ETS projects. EiDoc operates independently from a group addressing scheme with each ETS project.

A wizard now allows reworking existing ETS projects.

Easy Assist surface

The new interface guides the user step by step through the program.

PDF output

EiDoc can now directly generate PDF documents.


EiDoc version 4.0 is a 64-bit ETS App is created with the SDK5.

So he needs a ETS5.

Projects from older ETS versions must be exported from the old ETS and imported into the ETS5.


Projects that have already been created using EiPLAN, must not be reworked. You can go straight to print.

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Old projects can be reworked in order to supplement it with an optimal documentation.

8 steps all the information required for the documentation to be collected and entered into the project. The project is not changed. Group addresses, device and structure remain unchanged. Only the ETS Description column is used to store the information in EiDoc ETS project. The project can be changed later with the ETS continues, even without EiDoc,.

EiDoc can edit the changes again. Nothing has to be done twice.


The first two steps to add KNX devices standardized designation of type and ComObjekte added.

group addresses

Based on the assignment of the actuators, the group addresses the circuits are identified in Step 3.


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In step 4, the floor plans of Windows images are imported, processed, calibrated and supplemented with room outlines.


In step 5, the distributors are located in the floor plan.


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Now devices can be placed in distributors and rooms.


In the last step lamps, sockets, blinds and heating circuits can be placed in the floor plan.

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All the parts are placed the documents can be generated.

price list

EIdoc5 is the unlimited full version for ETS5 - Price 350.- € Please order via the KNX Online Shop!


Manual PDF Download
Print sample project (15MB) PDF Download
General software license conditions PDF Download