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EiPlan-outside - Create KNX projects easily

The well-known ETS app EiPlan is now also available in a stand-alone version.

\. It is easily installed on Windows 10 and is 100% compatible with the ETS App version EiPlan5.

EiPlan-outside can take over and edit projects and devices from ETS App EiPlan5 or create new projects.


EiPlan-outside is therefore particularly suitable for planning offices to expand the planning workplaces without additional ETS licenses.

EiPlan-outside is also suitable for private individuals who want to plan the KNX system for their home without buying an ETS. You then hand over the generated file to your electrician, who imports it into the ETS and implements the project.


Eiplan-outside is an automatic program generator based on layout input.

Graphic prints of floor plans, distribution plans and circuit diagrams improve the overview significantly and can be printed directly with EiPlan-outside.

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  • You import floor plans from Windows image files or drawings.
  • They mark the outlines of the rooms.
  • -\u003e EiPlan-outside creates the building structure for the ETS.
  • They place consumers, lamps and sockets in the floor plan.
  • -\u003e EiPlan-outside creates the group addresses for the ETS.
  • You create distributors and place KNX devices and fuses in them.
  • You press the Auto-Connect button.
  • -\u003e EiPlan-outside connects your consumers with the actuators.
  • They place KNX devices in the rooms and occupy the switchers.
  • -\u003e EiPlan-outside connects the group addresses with the switch rockers.

The entire ETS project creation happens automatically in the background. You can print graphics and lists with EiPlan-outside.

EiPlan-outside saves a visu. xml file. These can be imported into an empty ETS project with EiPlan5 and then further processed with the ETS - with and without EiPlan.


EiPlan-outside is a Windows10 program. It can be installed as a free demo version with one click via the download request. Already with the demo you can read layouts and plan your electrical installation. The building structure and the group addresses for the ETS are generated. Printing and saving is possible.

In the second step, you can add and connect KNX devices. For this, the full version is required because the demo version only allows 5 devices to try out.


The functionality and operation of the full version is exactly as in the well-known ETS app EiPlan5.

There are only two restrictions:.

1. Only devices that were previously parameterized with the ETS5 and EiPlan5 or are loaded from our device kit can be used.

2. Commissioning of the system requires an ETS5.

price list

EiPlan-outside is free as demo version.

The full version requires a license, which you can order directly from Nautibus engineering here.

The license allows you to use it on several PCs in one location of your company. The price is 300. - € + VAT.

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