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EiVisu - KNX - system visualization

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EiVisu enables display and operation of a KNX system in a plan view by the end customer.

Supported lighting, heating, blinds and energy monitoring. Moreover EiVisu may result log files and send e-mails.

EiVisu runs on a Windows 10 PC or tablet and can be connected via USB or routing to the KNX BUS. And the best part is: you have to create the visualization already finished, if you have created your ETS project with EiPLAN.

The new KNX visualization EiVisu4 is all KNX users who create your ETS project with the Nautibus ETS App EiPLAN, free of charge.

  • Display and operating software for retail
  • KNX System Works
  • Floor Plan Display
  • Weather data display
  • Lighting switchable via touch in plan
  • Heating display with room temperature setpoint and manipulated variable
  • Blind operation and display
  • Slider for dimming and room temperature
  • Additional displays for measured values ​​and status messages
  • Automatic configuration via the ETS with the EiPLAN App
  • Data logger for recording all KNX telegrams on the bus, for each day creates a file automatically.
  • Email delivery to the user to schedule and Troubleshooting



KNX system and creating a project with ETS App EiPLAN version from 4.0.

IP router with connection to WiFi or KNX-USB interface Windows 10 PC or tablet with Wi-Fi or USB.

Software installation

An Internet connection is required for installation and automatic updates.

Installation of the software is carried out by an One-Click-Installation from our website.

project data Create a directory for the project data to, for example, C: / ETSprojekte / my_home copy the layouts from the EiPLAN project directory there

Copy the Visu.xlm generated by EiPLAN there.


Start EiVisu4.

Open the setup.

Make a project and connection.

Limitations in Version 1

Timer, setpoints and light scenes added soon.

end users Operating Instructions


With the layout buttons select a floor. Tapping lamps, sockets, blinds or heating circuits to select an object. then The menu shows the data and settings on it. With the red Exit button to return to the main menu.

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Lighting and sockets

Tap a lamp in plan. In the menu area, you can turn on and off. For dimmable lamps a slider for brightness appears.


In each room there is a temperature gauge for the room temperature. A status LED indicates heating = red, blue = cooling, Off = gray.

Tap the display, the heating menu opens. Here you can see the current values ​​and can switch to Comfort or lowering. A slider allows the setpoint adjustment for the comfort temperature.


In the windows, see blind icons that show the status of the blinds.

Tap a blind icon to open the blind menu. You can open the blinds and close or adjust the slats.

energy measurement

When you tap a measurable consumers, current consumption, operating hours and count are displayed. You can switch the consumer on and off.

Central functions

The first floor plan button leads to a screen with measured values ​​and states of the central groups. The following values ​​of the weather station and the heating system.

Further steps

Test and testing

Under Download, see the software description and an example project. In order to get to know EiVisu4.

project creation

To create a custom project again, you need a ETS5 and our EiPLAN app with version 4.0 or higher.

With a ETS5 and our EiDoc App Version 4.0 You can edit an existing ETS project and add floor plans so you can also use EiVisu4.


Manual PDF Download
EiVisu4 ClickOnce Installation Installation Request
Example project ZIP Download