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Our products help the KNX electricians and HVAC designers in their work

We make the planning and visualization of electric systems based on KNX - bus system easier

KNX is the international standard for central building control. KNX is based on the well-known "European Installation Bus" EIB and is supported by all well-known brand-name-manufacturers of installation devices and switch lines. Over 250 companies are KNX members.

KNX Nautibus electronic is a member of the KNX.


For the planning and commissioning of KNX bus systems  the KNX provides the standard software ETS-4.

The ETS-4 provides a table-based input for group addresses, devices and building structures. The ETS can be extended with so-called Addin's app. Our EIplan app extends the ETS with a graphical floor plan and functions allow automatic creation and connection of group addresses and devices.

More info on the app EIplan you find hier.

 General information on the KNX system can be found on the official Website KNX:

Attention: The KNX products are not intended for consumers and will only be delivered to Companies. All prices plus VAT and shipping.