EiPlan-outside - easily create KNX projects

The well-known ETS app EiPlan is now also available in a separate version.

"EiPlan-outside" can be used independently of the ETS for planning KNX projects. It is simply installed under Windows 10 and is 100% compatible with the ETS app version EiPlan5.

EiPlan-outside can take over projects and devices from the ETS app EiPlan5 and edit them or create new projects.


EiPlan-outside is therefore particularly suitable for planning offices to expand the planning workstations without additional ETS licenses.

EiPlan-outside is also suitable for private individuals who want to plan the KNX system for their home without having to buy an ETS. You then hand the generated file to your electrician, who imports it into the ETS and realizes the project.


EiPlan-outside is an automatic program generator based on floor plan entries.

Graphic printouts of floor plans, distribution plans and circuit diagrams significantly improve the overview and can be printed directly with EiPlan-outside.

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The entire ETS project creation happens automatically in the background. You can print out graphics and lists with EiPlan-outside.

EiPlan-outside saves a Visu. xml file. You can import this into an empty ETS project with EiPlan5 or EI-Import and then edit it further with the ETS - with and without EiPlan.


EiPlan-outside is a Windows10 program. It is available as a free test version in the microsoft store. You can use all functions for 7 days. With the trial version you can read in floor plans and plan your electrical installation. The building structure and the group addresses for the ETS are generated. Printing and saving is possible. For 49. You can purchase EiPlan-Outside permanently for 99 €.

Virtual devices

With EiPlan-outside you can create virtual KNX devices. These are placeholders for the KNX manufacturer devices. This allows you to plan your project without having to commit to a KNX manufacturer.

Import into the ETS

The project must be imported into the ETS for implementation and commissioning. The virtual devices are replaced by KNX manufacturer devices. An ETS5 with EiPlan app or EI import app is required for the import.

ETS5-Professional or ETS-Lite

The ETS-Lite is an ETS5 limited to 20 devices, but it is quite inexpensive.

Since EiPlan-outside can break down large ETS projects into individual areas, an inexpensive ETS-Lite is usually sufficient for commissioning.

The 3 programs ETS-Lite, EI-Import and EiPlan-outside cost only 385 together. - €, are easy to use and thus enable the layout-based creation of even larger KNX projects at an affordable price.

Price list

EiPlan-outside is free as a test version for 7 days. The full version costs € 49.99.

You can find both in the Microsoft Store.

The ETS-Lite and the ETS APP EI-Import are available in the KNX online shop.

Free visualization and device kits

Eiplan has a free visualization that you or the end user can use to operate the project.

In addition, there are preset KNX devices in a device kit, which simplify your entry into KNX.

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