EiPlan - floor plans for the ETS

All ETS apps can only be ordered until December 31, 2021 - support until December 31, 2022

EiPlan is an ETS app. This is an additional program that is installed in the ETS.

The ETS5 is expanded to include an automatic program generator based on floor plan inputs.

Graphic printouts of floor plans, distribution plans and circuit diagrams improve the overview considerably.

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The entire ETS project creation happens automatically in the background.

You can print out graphics and lists with EiPlan or create extensive project documentation with EiDoc.

Of course, you can continue to edit a project created with EiPlan in the ETS with and without EiPlan.

With EiPlan and EiDoc, the ETS 5 becomes a complete and largely automatic planning tool for the entire electrical installation, which saves you a lot of routine work. The special thing about this solution is that all entries are made in the ETS and all data are saved in the ETS project. You do not need any external programs or CAD systems or any file export or import. All input options of the ETS remain fully usable and your project is always up to date.

What's new in EiPlan5 v4.0

EasyAssyst surface

The new user interface guides the user step by step through the program. It always only shows what you need and provides information on user guidance.

Sample devices now in external files

EiPlan saves sample devices outside of the project in files, so that pre-set devices can be reused in new projects.

Generic touch sensors

Generic patterns for pushbutton sensors with different rocker assignment are coded in the name.

TS4DDTM is a push button sensor with 4 rockers. The first two are set for dimming.

Rocker 3 is divided into 2 individual buttons with switching functions. And rocker 4 controls the motor of a blind.

Pattern variants

Several pattern variants of the same type are now possible. Example of a 4-fold dimming actuator from different manufacturers: DA4_Gira and DA4_MDT.

Improved storage

Storage of all EiPlan data now in the description column of the ETS.

User-definable group address scheme

EiPlan5 works with the proven scheme B..

However, if you have to meet special requirements or want to retain existing company standards, you can create your own group address scheme.

no manual mode

The complicated manual mode for post-processing existing projects has been removed from EiPlan.

EiPlan for creating new projects - EiPlan is a project generator!.

EiDoc for the documentation of existing projects - EiDoc is a documentation tool.

For this, EiDoc has now received a convenient post-processing assistant. With EiDoc you can expand an existing project with floor plans without having to change it.


EiPlan version 4. 0 is a 64-bit ETS app that was created with the SDK5.

So he needs an ETS5.

Projects from older ETS versions must be exported from the old ETS and imported into ETS5.


Buy EiPlan5 in the KNX online shop.

First install the app and then the license in the ETS (see ETS help). Set the language and project directory for the EiPlan5 app before you start.

further information and support

If you have technical questions or problems, please send an email to our support (see imprint) # H2 price list EiPlan5 is the unlimited full version for the ETS5 - price 400. - € Please order via the KNX online shop!.

Updates from older EiPlan versions are free of charge, but require an ETS5.

Free visualization and device kits

For Eiplan there is a free visualization with which you or the end user can operate the project.

In addition, preset KNX devices are available in a device kit, which simplify your entry into KNX.

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