NMEA-2000 is the international standard for bus systems in the yacht sector.

Planning and installation on motor and sailing yachts

We plan, procure and install modern NMEA-2000 solutions on your ship for you. Ask your wishes by email:.

y a c h t i n g @ n a u t i b u s. d e # H2 Development of NMEA-2000 devices We offer development services in the area of NMEA-2000 to manufacturers of yacht electronics.

We can offer both hardware and software work at low cost. Our electronics laboratory is well equipped for this.

We also have a NMEA-2000 certification tool. This enables us to carry out a complete certification test.

Of course, we don't start development at NULL. We have a lot of experience and a modern NMEA-2000 core for ARM-CPU's which we can also use as a basis in your project.

Diagnostic tool for NMEA-2000


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The tool is connected to the NMEA-2000 bus via a CAN-USB interface.

It shows the CAN telegrams on the bus and the bus participants. The telegrams are displayed in decoded form as PGNs. The main window (right) shows a PGN in each line. If this is clicked (selected), the data content of the PGN is displayed on the left. The display is updated in real time. There are several views available:.

Various send functions enable the NMEA-2000 mandatory services to be called up and the configuration of bus participants.

The Can2Tool is therefore an easy-to-use tool for everyone who works with NMEA-2000 systems. Its area of application ranges from commissioning, diagnostics and configuration to the development of NMEA 2000 components.

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